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Welcome to Matriarchy Report, a newsletter dedicated to reporting on the social issues surrounding parenthood in the United States. Our mission is to shed light on the challenges faced by parents, particularly women and non-binary parents, in a system that offers little support or incentive to care for children.

About Lane and Allison:

As a former full-time reporter covering poverty and social issues, Lane discovered that most intractable issues in the US stem from pregnancy and childbirth. It is shocking to learn that one of the easiest ways to go bankrupt in the US is to have a child, and American women are more likely to die in childbirth than in any other high-income country. In addition, millions of children in the US suffer from food insecurity, and the burden of caring for a child can be crushing.

Allison was a producer, editor and reporter for more than 20 years before she became a mother for the first time at 43, and her father died two years later. Caring for a young child and tending to a dying parent focused her attention on the ways in which our systems of care are designed only to work for the very rich or the very lucky. Allison’s passion for this work is driven by the belief that we can transform those systems if we build a movement of caregivers who will fight for those changes.  

As women who became parents in our 40s, we experienced firsthand the overwhelming expense and lack of support for caregiving in the US. We started this newsletter to research and report on these issues that are often underreported or overlooked. Our goal is to spark conversations and find better solutions to address the suffering and increase well-being and equity for parents and children in the US.

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A feminist newsletter about care work, family, and capitalism and how to make things better for everyone. Gender, motherhood, occasional rants. By two journalists + uni profs.


Writer, journalist, proud “geriatric” mom, lover of pastries. Clinical Associate Professor at New York University. Author portrait by artist Rachelle Baker; find her on IG: @indoorcatgirl
Writer, editor and producer. Associate Dean at Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.